MOLYGREEN  Automotive Lubricants is a brand of CAP style which is a wholesaler of oils and gears for vehicles. MOLYGREEN series was established to satisfy the customers' requirements and needs.


There are three characteristics.

Tender for Human Being - economic efficiency and quietness of vehicles

Good for Vehicles - protective performance and endurance ability of engines

Friendly for Environment -  environment adaptability.


Tender for

Human being

Good for vehicles

Friendly for Environment

Sales in JAPAN


MOLYGREEN is well known and trusted brand by consumers in Japan market. More than 50% Sales volume shared by Autobacs chain. There is also such big cliens like Super Viva Home, TRIAL, D2 and other home centers as main clients. MOLYGREEN brand is also trusted by Japan main transportation companies, using our products for their carpark.


Production line 


Manufacture by the following procedures

Adding precisely-selected high performance additives into refined base oils in blending equipment.

Conducting the property inspection of blended samples after heating procedure .

Filling into the oil containers or cans by automatic filling equipment. Confirming the final check before delivery of oils.

History of MOLYGREEN


Silent Coat・Ultra Coat(Oil additive)was launched.


Engine Oil 「White SL」 and 「Black SM」 were launched in DIY Stores of Japan.


Low viscosity engine oil 「0W-20 Earth SM」 corresponds to fuel efficiency engine and 「Friendly for environment」 was launched in CAR Shops of Japan. 「DL-1」 oil corresponds to DPF equipped engine was launched and sold in Work Shops which have more than 2,000 sales offices.


Black SN and EARTH SN which certified as meeting API:SN ILSAC:GF5 standards were launched.


「Hybrid-Car」 and 「Idling-Stop」were launched. The 「Hybrid-Car」 and 「Idling-Stop」 was the first designated oil for cars with Start-Stop system Engine. (was awarded the "car goods of the year 2013 prize" by "Car Goods Magazine”)


「ZERO 0W-20」 was launched. It is store limited for AUTOBACS GROUP Car-shops.


For motorcycles: 2Cycle 4Cycle oil was launched.(Started joint development with major Petroleum refiner-distributors). Japanese Vehicle is diversified into Function and Specification. 「ATF・CVTF」 was launched to meet the transmission of Japanese vehicle.


By the partnership with TAU, started overseas sales and the first area is Russian, Far East Region with Logos.


「PROGARAGE 10W30 SL」 was launched. It is monopoly for AUTOBACS GROUP Car-shops. Annual sales volume: 1,000KL. ACEA Standard Performance engine oil PROTECT・BLACK ALPHA was launched.


MOLYGREEN NEW Standard Line-up 「SELECTION Series」 was launched.

  「660」 engine oil for minicars was launched.

  The ultimate oil 「PERFECT1040」 was launched.


MOLYGREEN Lineup renewal, Global “KAKUDAI” plan started.


The first MOLYGREEN Summit in Tokyo, Japan. Participants: Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Japan.


Black ・ Earth was renewed as 「PREMIUM Series」.


SELECTION Series 5W40・10W40 were launched.


Existing SELECTION Series, ATF/CVTF was re-release with 1L・4L package products.


HYBRID was renewed.  PROTECT・BLACK ALPHA were renewed as 「PREMIUM Series」.

HD Series ・PROGARAGE Series released.

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